about the author…

cory glover. 31. follower of Jesus. husband to marlene. father to jade.

lover of life. pastor. brite divinity school graduate. theologian.

sports fanatic. avid gamer. reality tv addict.


about the blog…

I started the (re)blog in May 2004 because of the role other blogs had in my life. I found the blogsphere in general to be an essential part of my spiritual formation and crucial to my understanding of community in an emerging context. The (re)blog was on a two-and-a-half year sabbatical…mostly due to seminary.

It is called rhythms because it is my ultimate quest to orient my life’s rhythms around the rhythm of God. I want to get in-sync with it and become a part of making it known to the world, that ultimately I may live life to the fullest and be a blessing to the world. This blog has been, and I hope will continue to be, a way for me to develop a ritual of engaging that movement in my life, in the circles of my community, and in the world.

…the (re)blog : finding the rhythm…