Summer Reading

Here’s a photo of the books I’ve read (or reread) already this summer. Missing from the stack is “Hear No Evil” by Matthew Paul Turner and “O Me of Little Faith” by Jason Boyett -since my wife is reading them.

If you enjoy having your head explode due to awesomeness, I would encourage you to buy “The Divine Commodity” by Skye Jethani and David Dark’s “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything”.

Also, for the record, Gordon Atkinson (aka Real Life Preacher)’s words in print are to me like Derek Webb’s music: they convict me and inspire me to be a better follower of Jesus. It’s like his words are a knife that digs deep to the core of my soul and exposes me to the junk I pretend doesn’t exist there…

Anything else that needs to be added to my current list?

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One Response to Summer Reading

  1. Jim Riggs says:

    May I recommend for your list: Mere Christianity by Michael Spencer. In my opinion he is the most truthful preacher I’ve read. I’d love to hear your take on this.

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