He himself was not the light; he only came as a witness to the light.” – John 1:8 

Though none of us would want to admit it, the truth is that everyone who serves in the church sometimes blurs the line between being a witness to the light and being the light itself.

You can’t really blame us…people routinely throw us into this position, desperately hoping that we are something more spiritual than they are…something other. As if WE were the magic bullet needed to fix everything through our creativity and personalities. Good sermon, preacher…I can tell you spent a lot of time on it.

We allow our egos to take over and begin to think that maybe some of the good stuff that is happening might be of our doing.

And in doing so, we cease being faithful to the light. Every day, in whatever way, we have to remind ourselves of John 1:8 – we are not the light.


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