I have a Bachelor's degree in Religion, a Master degree in Divinity, and have spent the majority of my life in and around the Church as a follower of Jesus.

I also have a 3-month-old beautiful breastfeeding baby at home.

Never, in my wildest imagination, did I think those worlds would ever collide, exposing a huge blind spot…

I can honestly say that until I ran across this post (, I had never seen an image of Jesus suckling at Mary's breast…and I had definitely never seen an image of Mary squirting baby Jesus' milk into other people's mouths – with incredible accuracy, mind you.

Perhaps the author is correct, and I've been sheltered from these images because of our culture's nipplephobia or some other rabid religiosity. Or maybe some people aren't comfortable with seeing their Lord and Savior depicted this humanly.

Whatever the reason, it certainly is new to me…is this new to you as well?

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